09:00 am meeting at " Nader For Bikes" Shop in sweifieh

09:30  am Sharp departure heading directly to Madaba
10:30  pm start cycling
12:30  pm finish cycling
01:30  Start Hiking
05:30  Finish Hiking
06:00 - 07:30  Sunset , having meals
07:30  pm Heading back to Amman

We provide:
* Bus for this trip
* Professional guides
* 2 meals
* Water
* Juice

** Tickets can be purchased from" Nader For Bikes" Shop in sweifieh
Cost: 25JD

Things you have to bring
1) extra clothing and boots
2) your smile :)

for more information please call
Nader (Arabic)

For English
Bahaa Aldalgamouni

* Some details about the canyon:
Wadi Zarqa Ma’in, is one of the relatively gigantic steep canyons in Jordan in the vicinity of the dead sea. The canyon is divided by Maain spa and the new road from the Dead Sea panorama to Makawir . Zarqa Ma'ain ‘s water is supplied by deep natural underground springs .it consists of two major waterfalls , as the first one is a cascade that drifts at the beginning of the trail right prior to the Spa each fall is 35 and 40 meters high, while the second waterfall is more likely described as some picturesque pools with jumps and big boulder blocks.