Stage 1: ITT (Individual Time Trial Challenge) 9.14km


We are pleased to introduce a new cycling race style, and also the 3rd cycling race in 2012 to be organized by’’ Biking Jordan Training Center’’ and ‘’Madaba Tourism Development & Heritage Preservation Association’’


1. Race Type: 2 stages of Individual Time Trial (ITT)

Race Distance: 9.14 km

This race is going to consist of two stages during which, the cyclist will have to combine the best (least) time to win.

[Please note: 40 tickets will only available for this race]

Stage 1: 13.07.2012 & Stage 2: 24.08.2012

2. Fun Relay Stage 24.08.2012

Race Distance: 9.14 km

In the Fun Relay Stage Race, cyclists will compete as teams against each other, where each team consists of 3 cyclists and they must have a female rider.

DATE: 24.08.2012

Meeting point for both races: Um Basateen - Manaseer Gas station (check the map).

Race check in: from 7:00am to 7:45am on the day of the race.

Race starts for both males and females: 8:00am 1 minute between each rider.

Race Category:
1- MTB 2-Road Bike 3- Male master road cyclist age 36+ (NEW)

Ticket prices:
1- 25 JOD for ITT (for 2 stages)
2-15 JOD (per Pearson) for Fun Relay Stage

Registration date: Starting from 01.07.2012

Ages: 16+
Prizes and Awards: medals for everyone who manage to finish both stages.
Cups for the:
• First 3 males winning in the road bike category.
• First 3 males Master Road Bike
• First 3 males in MTB
• First 3 female in MTB
• First 3 female in road bike.

Transportation: If you don’t have a car we can arrange the transportation for you and your bike for 3 JD, for both stages from Amman – to the start line and back
Please note that, the bus will leave Amman at 7:00am. From Safeway 7th circle, and back at 12:00pm.

Race map:

*Registration Form: Will be available soon
*Race Rules: Will be available soon
For more information and Registration contact us:
Mobile: +962 7 969 191 60
Mobile: +962 7 956 650 56
Mobile: +962 7 862 663 60
Or visit Cycling Jordan shop, Bike Rush Shop and Nader Bikes
Bike Rental:
If you don’t have a bike and you would like to join us, you can rent a MTB from Cycling Jordan shop or Bike Rush shop and Nader Bikes. They have a good variety of bikes and all accessories you need for the race.

Nader Bikes
Mobile: +962 7991 42273
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More information visit:

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