Dead2Red Race >> Cycling 14/3/2014

Registration Deadline:

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration ends on February 14th, 2014. There will be an additional fee of JD 5 per person, in each category, for registrations received after that date. The final registration deadline for the 2014 Dead2Red is March 1st, 2014. No registrations will be accepted after that date. You/Your Team must have paid the registration fees in full and submitted your registration and waiver forms by this deadline to be considered offi
cially registered. The forms can be downloaded from our website ( We reserve the right to close registration after the maximum number of participants is met. The maximum number of runners is 450 and the maximum number of cycling participants is 250.

Registration fees: Please download our “ D2R 2014 Registrations Fees”

Vehicles Regulations: Please download our “D2R 2014 Vehicles Regulations” and make sure to abide by them!


The SOLOs Cycling part will start at 3:30 AM Sharp on Friday Morning 14/03/2014The TEAMs Cycling part will start at 4:00 AM Sharp on Friday Morning 14/03/2014
All Solo Cyclists and Cycling Teams should be present at the starting point no later than 3:00 AM on Friday morning 14/03/2014.
At least one team member must be present to start the race. If, for any reason, no member of your team is able to be present at the official starting time, you will be granted 15 minutes in which to arrive at the starting point and begin cycling; otherwise your team will be disqualified from the race. For all late starters, your starting time is the official starting time of the race.


HELMETS ARE MANDATORY. Any cyclist caught not wearing a helmet, whether he/she is warming up or actually racing, will be disqualified and cause his/her team to be disqualified immediately.

Safety Reflective Vests:

Safety Reflective Vests must be worn by all participants from the start of the race until 03:6AM Friday 14/03/2014, regardless of whether you are a cyclist, supporter, driver, etc. Safety Reflective Vests for each participant are included in the participation fees. You may use the vest provided or any other similar item as long as it is preapproved by the Dead2Red Committee. Anyone caught without a Safety Reflective Vest will be disqualified and cause his/her entire team to be disqualified immediately.


**Tickets can be purchased from" Nader For Bikes" Shop in
sweifieh .

for more information please call
Nader (Arabic)

Anton (english/russian)

or visit web :