GBI Europe 2014 [Budapest to Munich


Time to book you calendars for the great tour
This year we will start from the lovely Budapest and pass by the amazing Vienna till we have our closing party for the first time in Munich.
We will be crossing 4 countries [Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany] with other 500 Biker from 23 countries.

Start Date: 15-June-2014
End Date: 21-June-2014
Duration: 7 days

Start Location: Budapest - Hungary
End Location: Munich- Germany
Crossed Countries: Hungary - Slovakia - Austria - Germany
Hungry & Slovkia: 2.5 days
Austria: 4 days
Germany: 0.5 days

Track 1: 90-100 KM/day
Track 1 Distance: 650 to 700 KM
Track 2: Details will be provided soon

GBI Egypt Teams rules to join:
1. Attend an over night event
2. Join 5+ training
3. Money commitment on time

All details will be published in a document, and sent to all registered Bikers.
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if you need any details, mail: