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Because We offers you an amazing cycling, hiking and camping events you would ever try here in Jordan… We offer more than 30 canyons to explore and more than 50 cycling routs to enjoy, spend few nights with all the beauty of wild nature in our camping tours or discover the underwater world of red sea in our diving trips.

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Tissot Cycling Race 2016

• Date: Friday 13th of May 2016.
• Meeting time at 6:30 AM Um Uthaina Vista (Time Center Offices)
• Distance of the race: 17 KM/ Mountain Bikes and 34 KM for Road Bikes.
• Starting point: Ikea
• Finish point: Um Uthaina Vista (Time Center Offices)
• Race category: Road Bikes: Male & Female / MTB (mountain bikes): Male & Female
• Ticket price: 20 JOD including registration, renting the bike, transportation from Um Uthaina to Ikea, medals to all the participants, snacks & refreshments at the finish line.
• Last day to purchase tickets is the 10th of May.
For registration please contact :
Nader Bikes: Nader Zakibeh 0799880677 / 0799142273
*Event will be covered by Ro'ya TV


' سباق TISSOT للدراجات الهوائية للسنه الخامسة على التوالي "
* بتنظيم من تايم سنتر
* للسنة الخامسة على التوالي،تقوم شركة تايم سنتربتنظم سباق TISSOT للدراجات الهوائية بتاريخ 13/05/2016 .
* نقطة الإنطلاق من مقابل مقرIkea ( طريق المطار ) الى عمان ( ام اذينه – مقر شركة تايم سنتر )
* الفئات :
17 كم ( فئة الدراجات الجبلية ) Mountain رجال / سيدات
34كم ( فئة الدراجات على الطرق ) Road رجال / سيدات
الشركاء :

* و لضمان مصداقية السباق قامت شركة تايم سنتر / TISSOT بالتعاون مع شركة MTS التى ستقوم بدورها بتزويد كل متسابق بشريحة مبرمجة لحساب مدة المسافة المقطوعة / السرعة .

تتيح شركة تايم سنتر لجميع من لا يرغب في المشاركة في السباق التواجد في مقر الشركة و الإستمتاع بأجواء رياضية احتفالية في انتظار وصول المتسابقين . و الإحتفال بتتويج الفائزين .

يتوجب على كل من يرغب في المشاركة بالسباق التواجد في مقر الشركة ( ام اذينة ) الساعة الساعه السادسه والنصف صباحا حيث ستقوم الشركة بنقل المتسابقين بباصات مخصصة للسباق الى نقطة الإنطلاق .

سيتم بث برنامج حلوة يا دنيا الذي يعرض على قناة رؤيا مباشرة من السباق امام مقر شركة تايم سنتر – أم أذينة

تباع تذاكر السباق لدى:
- (Nader Bikes) شارع باريس خلف البتزا هت /مجمع الزيتونه
0799880677 / 0799142273
- المدينه الرياضيه / مدرسه اتحاد الدراجات
* يرجى الاتصال مسبقا قبل حضورك لشراء التكت

* سعر التذكرة :20 دينار

* يبدأ التسجيل في السباق 25/4/2016
* آخر يوم للتسجيل في السباق 10/05/2016

Cycling&Hiking (Dead Sea&Wadi Hemara) NaderBikes 0799142273

This trip consists of Cycling first at Dead Sea for short distance of 18-20 Km with light breakfast after it, followed by Hiking at Wadi Hemara with the heightest waterfall in Jordan ( 80 m ).
Canyon itself is without pools or much water, so don't worry about getting wet and cold. But bring extra shoes, and cloth just in case. Don't forget a back bag to carry water during the hike.


08:30 am meeting at " Nader For Bikes" Shop in sweifieh ( Map is provided in comments below)
09:00 am Sharp departure heading directly to Dead Sea
10:30 am Start cycling
12:30 pm Finish cycling( Breakfast: Sandwich with Soft drink)
1:00 pm Start Hiking
2:00 pm Reaching the destination, and having some hot tea next to The Waterfall.
04:30 pm Finish Hiking + meals
04:30 pm Heading back to Amman

We provide:
* Bus for this trip
* Bike
* Helmet
* Professional guides & Technical assistance
* Support pick up
* 2 meal (Breakfast & Lunch )
* Water during whole trip
* First Aid kit

Check the weather at Dead Sea by link below:

** Tickets can be purchased from" Nader For Bikes" Shop in sweifieh
Cost: 22 JD

Things you have to bring:
1) Extra clothing and boots
2) Back bag/ sunblock optional
2) Your smile :)

For more information don't hesitate and call us:

Sunset Cycling Dead Sea >> Nader Bikes 07 99 88 06 77

Sunset Cycling trips are the trips organized mostly for sport recreation and good company. Easy cycling distance of 18-20 km followed by Panoramic Dead Sea view lunch.



12:00 am meeting at " Nader For Bikes" Shop in sweifieh (Map is provided in photos section)
12:30 am Sharp Departure heading directly to Dead Sea
02:00 pm Start Cycling at Dead Sea area
03:30-04:00 pm Finish Cycling
04:00 - 5:00 pm Watching Sunset & Lunch(Galayet Bandora& Fried Potato with eggs & Hommois& Soft drinks& Tea)
05:00 pm Heading back to Amman
We provide:
** Bus for this trip.
** Bike
** Helmet
** Water before, during & after the ride.
** Lunch
** Professional guides & Technical Assistance.
** Support pick up
** First Aid kit
** Tickets can be purchased from Nader For Bikes" Shop in sweifieh (Map is provided in photos section).

***cost 17 JD

Don't forget to bring you ID.

For more information and reservation please call:

07 99 88 06 77

Cycling Dead Sea To Mujib >> Nader Bikes 07 99 88 06 77

There are two distances available:
Advanced 40 km
Beginners 20 km

We are going to start cycling all together at one point and ride to Wadi mujib direction, the moment you get tired you can stop cycling at any distance you've done. Bus is following us all the way.

In case of raining the event will be cancelled.

Weather is predicted to be warm and sunny. Check it by the link below



08:30 am Meeting at " Nader For Bikes" Shop in sweifieh (Map is provided in photos section)
09:00 am Sharp departure heading directly to Dead Sea
10:30 am Start Cycling next to Baptism Site.
01:00 pm Finish Cycling (@ Wadi Mujib) and Heading back to Amman

We provide:
* Bikes
* Helmets
* Bus for this trip
* Cycling guides & Technical assistance
* Water before, during and after the ride

** Tickets can be purchased from" Nader For Bikes" Shop in sweifieh
Cost: 14 JD


Things you have to bring
* your smile
* your ID

Subscribe for our events to be up to date with upcoming activities.

For more information please call
07 99 88 06 77

GBI Europe- Tour 2016

GBI is back in 2016 with Europe Tour!

Jordan GBI Teamleader,Coach of Jordan Cycling Federation and Founder of Nader Bikes Co. Nader Al-Zakibeh is welcoming you to become a part of the GBI Europe 2016.

In 2016 the route will lead the GBI community from Vienna, the capital of Austria, through the Czech Republic to Berlin, the german capital, over the course of one week. (Map is provided in comments below).

Aim: As the GBI is a charity ride, you have to ride for a GBI country and raise funds in addition to the participation fee for your local supported charity.

You will have the choice of two challenging routes of between
750 km and 950 km, all in aid of a great charitable

To cycle 750 km a week is not that much even for beginner or a person unfamiliar with cycling.

In case you are interested in the event, Coach Nader Zakibeh will provide you with:
- Individual Training Program
- Several times a week training under his control
- Professional awareness.
- Help in finding a proper a bike

After your Registration Confirmed, Nader Bikes will give you an opportunity of:
- Free bike tune up
- Joining any of Nader Bikes Cycling Trips for free to improve you cycling skills.
Satay updated: https://www.facebook.com/NaderBikes/

For more detailed info don't hesitate to contact Jordan GBI Teamleader Nader Zakibeh:
079 914 22 73 or
07 99 88 06 77 (For English)

Dates of the Tour: May 29 - June 4, 2016

The registration is open until end of March 2016!

Fees: The participation fee for the complete tour is 299.- to 399,- Euro, depending on the date of registration.

Fore more detailed Information and Oline Registration Please visit GBI official website:

We look forward to seeing you in Vienna!

Help us to Share event all over Jordan.